Our Services

Internet Services

  • Building New websites
  • Developing websites
  • Secure websites
  • Link intranet with internet
  • Hosting websites

Training Services:

  • Providing learning solutions for our customers' employees
  • Security courses
  • E-documenting courses
  • Special courses on some advanced technologies

Consulting Services:

  • Consulting in developing IT software.
  • Dealing with technical issues.
  • Consulting in internal networking.
  • Consulting in security.

Our Soultion

We divided our services on three sections:

Ready-To-Install solutions: we are building solutions ready-to-install focused on 12 sectors based on Microsoft .NET Framework & Microsoft Technologies as basic-structure and providing side solutions working together with the primary solutions based on open source technologies like PHP & MySQL, currently we focusing on next sectors of markets:

  • 1
    Internet Services
  • 2
    Training Services:
  • 3
    Consulting Services:

About us

  • About Us

    We in Egyptian Saudi Arbia focusing on SMEs business to assist them getting high quality decisions and improving their resources and power their strategic position and expand their activities and services and achieve high quality of their message, vision and goals that helps them have competitive advantage.

  • Our Message

    Providing high quality services and products in IT to assist organizations in private sector or the government to give them competitive advantage helps them to achieve their goals and develop their abilities to grow and make new chances through new & advanced solutions.

  • Our Vision

    To be the pioneer in providing innovative solutions in IT.

Our advantage

Our advantage is

We have expert and high quality teams and working day by day to provide highest services to our clients, and working with sensitive that we are partners with our clients in their organizations.

Sales Team

Sales Team

Sales offices, sales stores and sales agents are ready to making deal with highly growing market.

Support Team

our Support Team

Service after sale is most important than selling itself, so we provided four methods to support our clients:

  • In-place support: Cars equipped with tools and technical staff ready to serve our clients during working days.
  • Phone Support: Phone Support force ready to help 24/7.
  • Internet Support: we developed tickets system to provide high quality support through internet.
  • Remote Support: In the market not everybody is computer expert, to short the time we provide remote support through internet that our agents able to help our clients though remote desktop technology.

Contact US

  • Address: Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt
  • Phone: + (201) 020 - 207 - 764
  • E-mail: info@techtouch4it0com